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One Chip is all you need – RF System-on-Chip from Texas Instruments

MCU + RF radio + USB + AES Encryption + Free Software + Flash Watch this video and see how easy it is to design with our RF system-on-Chips that offer enerything you need to get your design up-and-running quickly. Duration : 0:2:8

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Intel AAF Tech Series 5 – Vivek De

Design Challenges and Opportunities for Future Processor Platforms with Wide Dynamic Range : We will discuss several design and technology limits to achieving wider voltage-frequency range in processors. We will present some reconfiguration, resiliency and adaptation techniques as well as research opportunities in these areas to overcome these barriers and enable more efficient dynamic power […]

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Intel AAF Tech Series 4 – Raj Yavatkar

SoC Research where are we headed? This talk will describe the target usage areas of IA-based SoCs, summarize a set of research challenges, and suggest a few directions. Duration : 0:3:18