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NABsys Hybridization-Assisted Nanopore Sequencing Platform

This technology may reduce the cost of whole-genome DNA sequencing by more than four orders of magnitude. This will allow for the elucidation of the genetic components of complex disease states and ultimately for the adoption of personalized and preventive medicine. Duration : 0:5:35

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InChroSil (Inorganic Chromosome based in silicon)

Threellop Nanotechnology – Inorganic Chromosome Based in Silicon. The component or electrical circuit, Inorganic Chromosome Based in Silicon (InChroSil) emulate the computational behavior and information treatment way like the organic DNA do it, but from the artificial perspective and using silicon, not emulating the chemical reactions of the organic DNA, because the integrated circuit only […]

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Nanotechnology – Sequencing DNA

With the advent of nanotechnology, many fields are beginning to make large advances. By being able to sequence a human genome efficiently and at a low cost, diagnosing disease (even before its onset) and being able to efficiently treat it will force medicine to become a proactive field. This video demonstrates some of the current […]