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Vision-based Microassembly of 3D Solid and Complex MEMS

The video shows an automatic assembly of fives silicon microparts of 400 µm x 400 µm x 100 µm on 3-levels. Each microassembly subtask is performed using a pose-based visual control which uses a CAD model-based tracker. The assembly clearance is estimated to 3 µm that allows to obtain solid and complex micro electromechanical structures […]

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Forget the camera’s or micro chip. Welcome to the ultimate NWO weapon. Smart Dust.

Forget the camera’s or microchip. Welcome to the ultimate NWO weapon. Smart Dust. Duration : 0:2:20

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Nano Technology

Hope you know what you’re fighting against. My Personal Website – moorishbrooklynintelligence.blogspot.com For Conscious Books And More – astore.amazon.com For Conscious Apparel And More – www.cafepress.com Moorish Wall Street – www.myspace.com Duration : 0:2:17

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Robot design 08 at MTRN@UNSW (HQ)

Each group of 3-5 students needs to design an intelligent robot… Duration : 0:3:40

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WL-16R – ROBORAMA.info

WL-16R is controlled by a PC which is mounted on its trunk, without any external support except for the power supply. Each actuator system is equipped with an incremental encoder attached to the motor shaft, and a photo micro sensor attached to each link in order to detect the initial posture. Also each foot is […]