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Power of Small: Health : Electronic Enlightenment

Would you use an implant to make you feel happier? http://power of small.org Denise Caruso and Joel Garreau consider the advisability of using a nanocip implant to alter their dad “Oscar’s” mood. Want extra podcasts from the panelists or a place to join in on the discussion on nanotechnology and human enhancement? Go to the […]

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Emerging Technologies: Green Nanotech & MEMS – AlwaysOn GoingGreen 2007

A distinguished panel of industry experts discuss who is using nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) to create viable solar energy, cheaper and cleaner water treatment, better batteries, and what other green innovations are being furthered by nanotech and MEMS? Including moderator David Scott Lewis, SVP, Zytech Solar, Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc, Deepak Srivastava, CTO, […]