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Piezoelectric flow pump (bomba de fluxo piezelétrica)

Piezoelectric Flow Pump Prototype, based on oscillatory principle. It consists in a bimorph piezoelectric actuator with a thin plate (fish tail shaped) applied over it. The bimorph piezoelectric actuator generates oscillatory motion under an electrical input of controlled frequency and amplitude. The oscillatory motion is “amplified” by the thin plate and generates the fluid (water) […]

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Piezo Ultrasonic Motors

DigInfo – http://movie.diginfo.tv Bringing Nanomotion from Israel to Japan, Daito Electron is importing the HR Ultrasonic Motor Series which is a piezo ceramic servo motor that actually uses the reverse piezo electric effect to create linear and circular motion. Piezo electricity is when certain crystals become charged due to mechanical stress such as compression, twisting […]