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Propulsion of Nanowire Diodes.avi

This video relates to a research article written by Percy Calvo-Marzal et al. The article is titled “Propulsion of nanowire diodes” it was published in ChemComm. Read the article at: http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=B925568K Duration : 0:0:3

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Nanomanufacturing: introduction

This course will be offered at the University of Michigan during Winter 2010. Nanomanufacturing presents how to make and assemble nanostructures—particularly nanotubes, nanowires, and nanoparticles—into devices and materials ranging from transistors to films, fibers, and structural composites. Emphasis is placed on understanding the unique properties of these building blocks, and how properties scale from the […]

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Light-emitting nanotube efficiency boosted

Researchers gained a 40-fold boost in efficiency for light-emitting nanotubes (LENs) making them commercially viable–check out the full story at NextGenLog Duration : 0:1:25