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borders, interdisciplinarity of nanotechnology – nanowiki #5

In the future, When Science has reached its plenitude of action, Chemistry and physics will not be but mere aspects of Molecular Mechanics. At the nanometric scale the frontiers between biology, chemistry and physics become confused And between these three A new discipline is being shaped: Nanotechnology A whole generation of scientists, capable of dealing […]

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products, nanotechnology today – nanowiki #6

Products labelled nano today Are more related to marketing than they are to Science Nanokeratine, to repair your hair; Nanohydroxiapatite to repair your teeth; Nano Silver Poly Technology, desinfectant and deodorant for your fridge Far from this exaggerated proliferation of nano products New medicines, materials that shall guarantee efficient energy Or clean water will be […]

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the buzz, social impact of nanotechnology – nanowiki #4

Even if scientists often ignore it, The truth is that the world does not change only because of the introduction of a new technology. Technology permeates social networks, so the applications which develop, are a mixture of both social and technical forces. If society welcomes a given technology and finds uses for it, this technology […]

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history, nanoparticles before nanotechnology – nanowiki #2

Nanoparticles existed before nanotechnology. Every time a volcano roars, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes are formed. This happens as well when forests, Or oil, burn. The thermodegradation of organic matter generates nanostructures And, indeed, biological processes involve nanoparticles, Such as magnetosomes, which function as bacterian compasses, Or ferritin, an iron reserve. Sometimes humans have taken advantage […]