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Welcome to the NIST Channel

NIST chemist Kate Beers explains how to navigate NIST’s YouTube channel. She also explains some of the work that NIST does, from building nanorobots to her own quest to design better materials by triggering chemical reactions between liquids in tiny “microfluid” channels. Duration : 0:1:50

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Nanoprotech – это нанотехнологии будущего !!! Nanoprotech нанотехнологии nanotechnology nanowires nanoprotect

NANOPROTECH – Нано защита №1 в мире! Защита металла, электрических и электронных деталей устройств, оборудования, двигателей и механизмов с целью решения следующих задач: предупредительные меры против негативного воздействия влаги; устранение последствий, вызванных влагой; восстановление работоспособности пострадавших элементов и оборудования. Duration : 0:2:2

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Nanotechnology – What is it?

Bought to you by http://learn-to-do.com for articles about online business Science News segment explaining what nanotechnology is This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License Duration : 0:0:57

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The Next Generation of Nanomanipulation

Topology optimisation is a powerful computerbased method for obtaining better mechanical designs… the algorithm does not care about engineer-aesthetics – yet the designs are strangely beautiful. The films shows a manipulation sequence where a carbon nanotube is broken off and transferred to a “TEM grid” – a sample suited for inspection with a Transmission Electron […]

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Placing a carbon nanotube on a microfinger

The nanotube changes its electrical resistance when stretched – so it can sense strain. Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen here put a 80 nm nanotube down on the back of a microfinger, using a multifingered probe. After that he put electrodes on – this makes it a microfinger with a sense of touch. You can see how the […]