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DNA repair nanorobot

Nanorobot inside living cell repair DNA molecule. Model made by Nanobotmodels Company, 2010. http://www.nanobotmodels.com Details about this model you can find here: http://www.nanobotmodels.com/node/47 Duration : 0:2:35

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Nanotechnology for Targeted Cancer Therapy

A short animation outlining the fundamentals of targeted nanomedicine for cancer therapy, one of our group’s primary research focuses. For more information, see http://nanomedicine.uwaterloo.ca © 2010 University of Waterloo Frank Gu Research Group Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology Department of Chemical Engineering Duration : 0:5:3

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What is Nanomedicine?

A brief intro to the NISE Network’s Nanomedicine Exhibit. To learn more about the exhibit, check out nisenet.org/catalog. Duration : 0:2:42

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Self-Assembling Nanoliter Containers

Nanotechnology, the new science of extreme miniaturization, is a rapidly growing field in engineering. On this size scale, it is extremely difficult and expensive to fabricate analogs of macroscale engineering, such as grippers. Drawing inspiration from biological fabrication in nature, engineers are seeking to self-assemble structures from the bottom up. This manufacturing paradigm has been […]

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Prof. Kattesh Katti: Green Nanotechnology in Nanomedicine

Vortrag von Professor Kattesh Katti zum Thema “Green Nanotechnology in Nanomedicine and Technology” Duration : 0:6:36

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Nanobots – making nano-machines from atoms

A basic premise of nanotechnology is that we will one day be able to make machines from atoms. The movie il rates this concept. Duration : 0:2:7