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Nanotechnology, Nanomachines, Nanobots and non-biomolecule Nanobiotech

http://www.nanotransformation.com Bionanotech and nanobiotech are terms that are used interchangeably. This is not technically correct. Nanobiotech can use nano-elements that are not created by living organisms. (bio molecules) Bionanotech must use bio molecules to further the agenda of Biotech (big Pharma and big Agro). Nanobiotech can use nano assemblers and nanobots that include zeolites, elements, […]

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Nanotechnology’s Big Impact

In the first ChemMatters video, we find about why the very smallest machines, known as nanotechnology, hold very big promise. Nanotechnology may help create tiny devices that bring medicine exactly where it needs to go in your body, powerful computers the size of a grain of sand or vital new sources of energy. ChemMatters, the […]

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The Next Generation of Nanomanipulation

Topology optimisation is a powerful computerbased method for obtaining better mechanical designs… the algorithm does not care about engineer-aesthetics – yet the designs are strangely beautiful. The films shows a manipulation sequence where a carbon nanotube is broken off and transferred to a “TEM grid” – a sample suited for inspection with a Transmission Electron […]