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Photonic MEMS: Vibration at the nano-scale (a)

Here we see how an electrical field applied by light can compress material to excite mechanical vibration. We replace metal electrodes with the electrical field that light applies to create a train of virtual electrodes that are almost exactly 250 nm apart. These virtual electrodes act collectivity to excite a mechanical mode, illustrated above, that […]

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Smartdust (M.E.M.S.) Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors

Smartdust (M.E.M.S.) Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors http://tankerenemy.blogspot.com/2009/11/exposure-to-aerial-emissions-of-nano.html ******** I centri meteo ed i militari diffondono (per via aerea) in atmosfera, polvere intelligente (di nanodimensioni). Queste M.E.M.S., oltre ad inquinare cibo, acqua, terreno etc., vengono inalate, bevute, ingerite e provocano diverse patologie nuove ed incurabili (inibizione della Colinesterase). Ovviamente c’è chi nega, ma esistono documenti (e […]

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The first MEMS micro motor experiment in Thailand (Pittaya Deekla SUT-SLRI on 07-Nov-2009)

This video shows the first micro motor experiment in Thailand performed on Saturday 7 th November 2009. This electrostatically driven micro motor had a rotor with a diameter of 0.88 millimeters. It consisted of 8 poles driven by 12 stator poles. It was fabricated by synchrotron x-ray lithography technique at micromachining lab, the Synchrotron Light […]

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MEMS hydrogen fuel cell

3D model and animation of a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) hydrogen fuel cell. 3D model constructed using 2D CAD files and photos Duration : 0:0:31

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MEMS gas turbine

3D model and animation of a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) gas turbine. 3D model and animation constructed using 2D CAD files and photographs of the structure using a stereomicroscope. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MEMS Duration : 0:0:14

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MEMS: Making Micro Machines

NSF funded movie about MEMS manufacturing. MEMS includes Texas Instruments’ packaging of DLP technology; Hewlett Packard’s fabrication of the thermal inkjet print heads; and Freescale’s design of sensors. Silicon Run Productions worked with their advisory committee and MEMS Industry Group (MIG) to include a variety of MEMS devices and their applications. More information is available […]

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STMicroelectronics MEMS Accelerometers

Axis MEMS Accelerometers demo in normal and low power modes Duration : 0:4:28

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SDA Movie

Movement of an untethered Scratch Drive Actuator measuring approximately 60 micrometers long by 120 micrometers wide by 1.5 micrometers thick, driven by a 100 Hz waveform. Duration : 0:9:18

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MEMS Robot from the University of Warterloo

A University of Waterloo engineering research team has developed the world’s first flying microrobot capable of manipulating objects for microscale applications. http://newsrelease.uwaterloo.ca/news.php?id=5055 Duration : 0:0:11

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MEMS Flow Sensors

tinyurl.com – This tutorial, provided by Digi-Key and Omron, discusses Omrons use of MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) in mass flow sensors for gases. The various products and their basic operation are presented along with their features, benefits, and applications. Duration : 0:0:55


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