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Magnetic pipeline hypothesis: chemtrails explained

What is chemtrail ? This short clip provides an honest interpretation for the widespread activity of chemtrails in the skies worldwide. At best, weather manipulation is being performed by colluding world governments, most probably as a power device to manipulate world climate. This provides mass power to world rulers as climate can be used to […]

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Europe not so sure about nanotechnology

While biotech is now a scientific reality, acceptance on a social level has been slower and nowhere has there been more opposition to the manipulation of genes than in Europe. Duration : 0:4:31

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Dielectrophoresis Non Contact Manipulation

Non-contact manipulation is a way to perform micro-objets positioning without adhesion perturbations. This video shows a top view of a non contact micromanipulation using negative dielectrophoresis (DEP). The microgripper’s end-effectors are in silicon with gold electrodes, and the manipulated gl balls are around 20µm diameter. An alternative tension (20V p-p) is applied between electrodes on […]