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Magnetism Introduction

Introduction to basic concepts of magnetism. Part of multipart series on magnetism and nanotechnology. Subsequent installments will cover Permanent Magnets, Induction, Electromagnets, Transformers, Motors Data Storage, Magnetic Logic and Nanotech applications. It is intended for first year community college level students but could be used for many other audiences learning basic magnetism. See other videos […]

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Robot design 08 at MTRN@UNSW (HQ)

Each group of 3-5 students needs to design an intelligent robot… Duration : 0:3:40

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What does the “nano” in nanotechnology mean? Talking Nano Disc 1

Museum of Science, Boston educator Tim Miller introduces the prefix “nano-” to begin his Brief Intro to Nanotechnology. From the “Talking Nano” 6-DVD set. talkingnano.net Duration : 0:1:23

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Is Nanotechnology Revolutionary? Talking Nano Disc 5

Harvard chemist George Whitesides explains why he considers nanotechnology to qualify as a true scientific revolution. A scene from “George Whitesides: Perspectives on Nanotechnology,” Disc 5 of the “Talking Nano” 6-DVD set. talkingnano.net Duration : 0:2:50

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SEMI High Tech U

The SEMI Foundation was formed in 2003 to support education and awareness of the field of high technology. The Foundation’s “High Tech U” program encourages high school students to stay in school; take math, science and technology courses; and see that they can have a bright future in the microelectronics industry. Duration : 0:7:9