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Self-Assembling Nanoliter Containers

Nanotechnology, the new science of extreme miniaturization, is a rapidly growing field in engineering. On this size scale, it is extremely difficult and expensive to fabricate analogs of macroscale engineering, such as grippers. Drawing inspiration from biological fabrication in nature, engineers are seeking to self-assemble structures from the bottom up. This manufacturing paradigm has been […]

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ADXL001: ADI’s MEMS Vibration Demo at Sensors Expo 2008

This demo showcases the unique features of Analog Devices’ ADXL001 iMEMS® shock and vibration sensor which is designed for industrial equipment monitoring applications. The ADXL001 is mounted to the cone of a speaker to simulate a vibrations source. The output of the sensor is connected to SigmaDSP to perform the necessary signal processing and the […]