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Concentration of human cells

Using positive dielectricphoresis (pDEP) to concentrate human cells on the electro-wetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) chip. S.-K. Fan, T.-T. Wang, P.-W. Huang, and Y. -H. Peng, Cross-scale electric manipulations of cells and droplets by frequency-modulated dielectrophoresis and electrowetting, Lab Chip, vol. 8 , 2008, pp. 1325-1331. Duration : 0:0:43

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MFDEP cell loading device proof-of-concept

Proof-of-concept of a MEMS device that I designed for my PhD dissertation, at the University of Maryland. Cells are loaded inside a micro-cell cage using dielectrophoresis. The active cancellation of the parasitic traps is necesary, thus becoming the use of multiple frequencies (MFDEP). This is the first machine of its kind, and it is very […]

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IC microfludic system apparatus- MIT-Harvard CCNE

Integrated Circuit / Microfludic Apparatus built by Tom Hunt Thanks to the MIT-Harvard Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence Duration : 0:0:14

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Yeast Cells Moving – MIT-Harvard CCNE

11 micron pixels, 1MHz, 5V field, 100uM manitol in water Duration : 0:1:14

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DEP with Music

dielectrophoresis Duration : 0:1:0