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Fluorescent glow of carbon nanotubes in live fruit fly

Rice University scientists have captured the first optical images of carbon nanotubes inside a living organism. The research appears in the September 2007 issue of Nano Letters. The researchers fed carbon nanotubes to newly hatched fruit flies. Using a laser, they excited a fluorescent glow from the nanotubes and took pictures of the near-infrared glow […]

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Carbon nanotube cleaning process II

Carbon nanotube cleaning and filtering process with ultra pure water. Watch my other videos for more information about carbon nanotube synthesis. Duration : 0:1:3

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Carbon nanotube cleaning process I

Carbon nanotube cleaning process with nitric acid under reflux. Watch my other videos for more information about carbon nanotube synthesis. Duration : 0:0:14

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A 50 micron long carbon nanotube moving about in room air. Duration : 0:0:26

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Melting Double-wall Carbon Nanotube

At one tube end, stable lip-lip interactions [see Y.K. Kwon et al., Phys. Rev. Lett 79, 2065 (1997)] bridge the gap between the inner and the outer tube, while the other end is kept open. Atoms inside the tube are shown in green and exposed edge atoms in blue. The extra atoms, which establish the […]

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A carbon Nanotube

A Multi-walled carbon nanotube mounted on a sharp nickel tip flopping in room air. Duration : 0:0:15

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Microphase Carbon Nanotubes : DigInfo

DigInfo- http://movie.diginfo.tv/ Traditionally electrical charges are carried and sometimes shielded using metal but this isn’t ideal- especially if the current has to run past or through explosive material like petrol tanks. The solution: Carbon Nanotubes. Microphase have mixed polymers (extracted from biom ) with their nanotubes and produced stronger, safer, and more electrically conductive materials […]

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Growing Carbon Nanotubes

Very simple method (CVD spray pyrolysis) for producing multiwalled carbon nanotubes at industrial scale. They grow inside a quartz tube at 900° C, from a mixture of ferrocene, toluene and argon gas Duration : 0:0:49

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C60 Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube Interaction

Animation of a C60 fullerene molecule pulled through a short fragment of (10,5) carbon nanotube. Simulated in real-time within Biodesigner/Nanomorph environment using GAFF force field. Duration : 0:1:15

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Carbon nanotube real-time deformation

Real-time deformation of (3,3) carbon nanotube. Simulation performed within Biodesigner/Nanomorph environment using GAFF force field. Duration : 0:0:57


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