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BioFlux System for Live Cell Assays Under Controlled Shear Flow (Fluxion Biosciences)

BioFlux provides a fully integrated solution for running biologically relevant cellular assays under shear flow. The system utilizes Fluxion’s Well Plate Microfluidics™ (WPM) to provide high content results from a convenient well-plate format. Precise control over shear flow enables a wide variety of cellular and microbiology applications which call for vascular emulation, mechanical stress, compound/buffer […]

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Pseudomonas biofilm growth in a BioFlux channel (Fluxion Biosciences)

Pseudomonas biofilm growing under controlled shear flow in a BioFlux microfluidic flow channel (Fluxion Biosciences). For more information, please see www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:6