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ME 119 Design Project: Surface Mico Machined Pipette

Design: A micro machined pipette capable of delivering .25 nano liters of fluid with each cycle. The design incorporates a linear drive motor, heatuator arrays, and thermal expansive fluid control valves. Duration : 0:1:32

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A Microchip Wine Analyzer

This short film was created for the Beaujolais Nouveau week in November 2008. It is presented in the Japanese National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (MIRAIKAN). Duration : 0:2:46

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Nanotechnology Takes Off

What’s 100,000 times thinner than a strand of hair? A nanometer. Discover the nanotech boom in Berkeley, where researchers are working to unlock the potential of nanoscience to battle global warming and disease. Duration : 0:0:38