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Electrophorese du DNA. Preparation du gel d’agarose

Electrophorese du DNA. Preparation du gel d’agarose. Duration : 0:1:14

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DNA-electrophorese. Technique de separation du DNA sur Agarose (depot des echantillons, migration et revelation) Duration : 0:5:51

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Preparing DNA for Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Ok ummm…UWI genetics seminar for students doing Unit 1 Cape Bio…we were preparing DNA that we had extracted and cut with restricttion enzymes…for agarose gel electrophoresis Duration : 0:2:13

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Gel electrophoresis first person

Current pulls DNA through agarose. by Gautam Rangan Duration : 0:0:19

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Gel electrophoresis sideview

Current pulls DNA molecules through agarose Duration : 0:0:16