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Sensor Controller using PSoC

This video shows an environmental sensor controller using Programmable System-on-Chip technology to sample humidity, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. This project centers on an 8-bit Programmable-System-on-Chip (PSoC) microcontroller that manages a wireless transceiver based on Zigbee wireless networking (IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Protocol), environmental sensors, and backup storage. The implementation of these components results in a system that collects, stores, and transmits data. The system’s purpose is to measure environmental statistics of the Earth’s atmosphere. The measurements from the sensors are outputted as analog signals. The controller’s firmware implements data sampling rates that dictate the sampling frequency and accuracy of the samples to convert the raw analog signals into digital data. The sampled data are stored temporarily on PSoC’s onboard RAM memory and semi-permanently stored on an external EEPROM connected to the PSoC’s I2C bus. The controller transmits the collected data to a data collection center wireless via a Zigbee wireless module

From San Jose State University

Duration : 0:1:49

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  1. usaembassy says:

    Hey guys, I’m …
    Hey guys, I’m planning to program microcontroller for a pressure sensor and right now I’m just scratching the surface. Could you guys help me learn on how to program, I know little bit of C and LabView.

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