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Visions of the future – Space elevator

Space elevator made from Carbon nanotubes

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  1. xlqex says:

    DO NOT WANT! :(
    DO NOT WANT! :(

  2. estevan300 says:

    I DO WANT IT!:)
    I DO WANT IT!:)

  3. HorsemanOfIdiocracy says:

    Launch loops lift …
    Launch loops lift more, cost less, can use current materials, and just look cooler.

  4. LordBicen says:

    yeah, but sometimes …
    yeah, but sometimes, simplicity is beautiful too.

  5. LordBicen says:

    Not to mention that …
    Not to mention that working space elevators will also make colonization of other planets cheeper, Safer and more practical. If you can take tons into orbit using a space elevator, then why couldnt you do it in reverse on mars. we could transfer the equipment from orbit to surface with relative ease not to mention mars has a lighter gravity so you might could get away with almost 2/3 more cargo lowered on mars than you could bring up from earth.

  6. saulgenesisfan says:


  7. itskaikai says:

    I love what Dr. …
    I love what Dr. Kaku said in the last part. If we can all change our perspectives to a planetary, then all the pettiness of war & religion would just melt away. I want to be alive the day the space elevator lifts off!

  8. itskaikai says:

    ur kiddin rt?
    ur kiddin rt?

  9. xlqex says:

    No, I DO NOT WANT! …
    No, I DO NOT WANT! :(

  10. DeimosSaturn says:

    Dr. Kaku is …
    Dr. Kaku is borderline delusional in his romanticism. The reality is, we have to over come the pettiness of the super rich and their methods of m sedation/conditioning such as religion and racism BEFORE we can attain the individual power to become an extra terrestrial civilization.

  11. lanolinandhuskey says:

    My question about …
    My question about these elevators, how will NASA manage the degradation of the nanotube ribbon. Between space junk, constant friction from the ‘lift’, varying temperature, weather, and the enormous strain. You would imagine that over time the ribbon would deteriorate. How on earth (or out of it) can you fix something like that? Just how tough is this stuff?

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