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Virus Battery

Those portable electronic gadgets that many of us cant do without are getting more and more high tech. But they still run on old-fashioned batteries. Scientists at the MIT are hoping to change that.

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  1. MaryJaneAddiction says:

    it is not becasue a …
    it is not becasue a living thing needs a cell to reproduce

  2. Mikimm10 says:

    A virus is a living …
    A virus is a living thing. But true it’s surely not going to die.

  3. Mikimm10 says:

    Junk Science to …
    Junk Science to some. A TRUTH TO OTHERS.There is always the chance that something goes wrong. So don’t deny my comment. Oh and I think the word unlikely is the right word for when did you say that one can’t mutate. And why use the atom bomb as a comparison? BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH. The A bomb is a thing that messes with molecules and atoms and this thing messes with Viruses (which are made of molecules and atoms just like everything in the universe). Don’t just look at the bright side.

  4. marsCubed says:

    History repeats …
    History repeats itself, just like when the steam train was invented and all the cows stopped laying and the chickens stopped giving milk.
    the whole of England starved to death then and has never recovered, hopefully one day people will move back if they ever pass laws to force trains to go at walking pace.
    Technology is great, it is just a shame that every new invention wipes humanity out so completely that civilization has to start again.

  5. winterborn82 says:

    my car can die and …
    my car can die and its not a living thing. to die is to cease to function


    Viruses wouldn’t do …
    Viruses wouldn’t do a good job at recharging. Since there on a small particle scale, it would react to metal’s at a slow rate as opposed to just plugging the battery in an electrical outlet.

  7. wcfcarolina13 says:

    and thus in 2509, …
    and thus in 2509, the virus mutated, and it spread throughout the world. nobody noticed it because it was dorment for another twenty years, and then the symptoms began. The vaccine failed, because all of the equipment used to make it was powered by the virus, and all of mankind died of the battery virus…

  8. wcfcarolina13 says:

    so what if it’s …
    so what if it’s mass produced, then the virus mutates, and it infects tons of people, but since it’s inside batteries, it also infects all kinds of other crap it wouldn’t normally infect…

    and on a lighter future, if viruses multiply like crazy, could this mean that one day we’ll have nearly infinite energy?

  9. Arebum says:

    I like that idea. …
    I like that idea. I’ve always been interested about viruses and how they could be used for machines. I just hope that they don’t mass produce this before extensive tests have been run…

  10. BeondaPale says:

    then again, maybe …
    then again, maybe i’m just ignorant

    still… be careful lol

  11. BeondaPale says:

    if there is …
    if there is anything that we as a species should have learned by now, it’s that there are very often unforseen consequences to any particular action.

    Chaos theory …tread carefully

  12. cycimian says:

    Lets build a better …
    Lets build a better virus. Amazing when theres famon world in the modern world we take the time to recreate a virus which by its basic nature will adapt and increase not only in its numbers but the leathality which is the nature of all virus.

  13. Tenetri says:

    jk, awesome video, wonder how long till something like that is commercial?
    Too bad the government can’t tax the regeneration process, or it would be out tomorrow =3

  14. arcanics1971 says:

    I’ll admit I’m …
    I’ll admit I’m wrong if you can show me where I said a benign virus can’t mutate into a harmful one.
    Why use a red herring like the atomic bomb?.
    The rest of your comment is junk-science.

  15. Mikimm10 says:

    You are wrong …
    You are wrong arcanics1971. Viruses can mutate into harmful viruses if they aren’t yet. In other words this is very much “natures touch” with a human touch (which if I may add made the atom bomb too) could cause a new threat to mankind… Sorry to try and ruin the optimism but it is too much a risk to try that. I mean if it binds with or uses metal then if let out could be a problem to all the metal objects in the radius thus creating a large charge or crumbling of the metal. No characters left.

  16. BlitzWing00 says:

    ScienCentral should …
    ScienCentral should include a link to their article about this video on the side panel….this video was vague & unclear until I read their article on their website.

  17. humanist7117 says:

    you’re not your
    you’re not your

  18. E2Lopes says:


  19. arcanics1971 says:

    Hey, Onwa06: There …
    Hey, Onwa06: There are billions of viruses but only a fraction of them harm us. You may be infected right now with a million of them but if they are not of a strain that is harmful to you, then you would never know.
    That said, a virus can mutate but it’s very unlikely in this scenario to mutate into something harmful.

  20. Hilariousity says:

    I think your crazy. …
    I think your crazy. Its not like they are manipulating something thats alive and that can turn against you. They are just manipulating a bunch of proteins that are very very small

  21. Onwa06 says:

    I don’t think this …
    I don’t think this is a good idea. Trying to control a virus is dangerous, very unpredictable.

    I’m not saying that I know a lot of science, but I know enough that it is call a virus for a reason.

  22. Richardgwm says:


    Sorry, I …

    Sorry, I am coming down with a bad case of battery.


  23. MaryJaneAddiction says:

    viruses dont die …
    viruses dont die becasue they are not a living thing

  24. winterborn82 says:

    thats the point …
    thats the point the virus dies leaving behind the metal in position

  25. Probewitch says:

    So your robot says; …
    So your robot says; “I’m low on power, please excuse me, while I look for a fresh virus.” Ha ha ha…

  26. Wiley says:

    What would the effects of a mutation be on the performance of the battery?

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