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Vaccine damage – is it Mercury or something else?

Dangers of nanotechnology look it up for yourself :


I have looked into this subject for years. I witnessed vaccine reaction and regression in my children. My son regressed after the MMR (which doesnt have mercury) so was there something else that they arent telling us about? I have recently been looking into Nano technology. I think our evolution is being synthetically manipulated.

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  1. twels1 says:

    Parents are saying …
    Parents are saying Green our vaccines.
    1983: Autism rate 1 in 10,000
    Vac. sched. 10 shots
    2008: Autism rate in boys 1 in 70
    Vac. sched. 36
    My sons last words after his shots:
    “My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner.”
    Show me any other campaign for disinformation. Remove the Mercury, Alum., formaldehyde, ether, antifreeze. Reevaluate the sched. What was the death rate from these deadly diseases in 1983 that we had to add 26 shots? All we need is therapy, respite, and recovery.

  2. skegy says:

    Isn’t the truth …
    Isn’t the truth great saves lives. good video

  3. MzTruthSeerUK says:

    thanks problem is …
    thanks problem is my son wasnt dying when he was given the vaccine… so he wasnt in any danger… when he was given the vaccine he was a perfectly healthy infant!

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