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Ubiquitous Computing RFID System pt.1/2

A computer controlled environment, an “Everyware” world, as Adam Greenfield calls it, is a world in which computers are embedded and merged seamlessly everywhere in the environment. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags communicate their position and other information constantly in a vast network. Everyday objects become “searchable” as if they were part of the interconnected world wide web. In this interconnected internet of things, scientific management and surveillance of people and …

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  1. yandembo says:

    Excellent, Voted ϧ …
    Excellent, Voted ϧ stars ☼☼☼☼☼ , and added my channel favorites … =)

  2. illuminatislut says:

    lovely …
    lovely brainharvesting technology

  3. Truthseekr07 says:

    Thanks, Anonymous! …
    Thanks, Anonymous! Once again you’ve hit paydirt! Thanks for keeping us informed!

    God Bless!

  4. royalapplepie says:

    oh, and what if i …
    oh, and what if i won’t scan everything that i’ve put in the bucket? lol

  5. royalapplepie says:

    omg she points at …
    omg she points at the chip and says: “this is basically who I am”. it. i don’t wanna be a chip.

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