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The Kitty Hawk of nanotechnology.

IBM Fellow Don Eigler gives a tour of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope lab, often called the “Kitty Hawk of nanotechnology.” It was in this lab where, in 1989, Eigler was the first person ever to position individual atoms, spelling out IBM in xenon atoms. Since then, Eigler and his colleagues have continued to make breakthroughs at the nanoscale, most recently with the newfound ability to measure atomic anisotropy, a fundamental feature in determining an atom’s suitability to store data.

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  1. carlbatt says:

    A great peak at one …
    A great peak at one of the origins of nanotechnology and one of the true pioneers. And check out the groovy pony tail. This is IBM?

  2. jmc8197 says:

    I wonder if he has …
    I wonder if he has any tatoos?

  3. colinofedinburgh says:

    Amazing. Eigler’s …
    Amazing. Eigler’s KITP online lecture is worth checking out too :)

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