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Suede Nanotechnology Coating

‘Nano Textile & Leather Sealant’ surrounds every fibre with an anti adhesion coating. As a result, dry dirt cannot adhere to the material and liquid cannot be soaked up by the fibres. Water, coffee and fatty substances are repelled from the treated textiles. Even excessive soiling can be removed easily and without a trace. Leather, backpacks, marquees, sunshades etc are cleaned in the rain.

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  1. jalil says:

    That’s really an amazing technology! I hope we will see some consumer products using this in the near future!!

  2. Kheirou says:

    Do they take pre-orders I definitely want one!! I wonder how much it’ll cost though??? Anyway looks like an interesting technology let’s see to what extent they can apply it…

  3. jalil says:

    What happens if you cover a rock with this kind of clothes and put it in a tank of water? will it sink as it should? or will it float like a baloon? I’m sure they’ve already tried this!

    I think one possible use of this is covering mobile phones or electronics that might be at risk of water contact!

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