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space elevator

The Space Elevator is a thin ribbon, with a cross-section area roughly half that of a pencil, extending from a ship-borne anchor to a counterweight well beyond geo-synchronous orbit. Electric vehicles, called climbers, ascend the ribbon using electricity generated by solar panels and a ground based booster light beam.

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  1. robertha says:

    you are dreaming
    you are dreaming

  2. republicofdesire says:

    Nothing wrong with …
    Nothing wrong with dreamin’

  3. Golden3ye says:

    that will tske a …
    that will tske a few hundred years to happen

  4. 1337Sam says:

    its alot more …
    its alot more likely than most people think definatly within young peoples life times

  5. LoparXL says:

    It’s an interesting …
    It’s an interesting idea. The first I heard about a spece elevator was in the Superdimensional Century Orguss animated series and in the Arthur C. Clarke novel 3001. I shudder to think what would happen to that elevator should a hurricane ram into it…

  6. BlakeAflatoxin says:

    If you read about …
    If you read about it, it will make
    total sense!

  7. smysnk says:

    If the ribbon moves …
    If the ribbon moves just slightly into the path of the laser, goodbye tether-weight.

  8. LiftPort says:

    Actually, there are …
    Actually, there are designs to protect the ribbon against laser burn.

    If you’re interested in the progress on the LiftPort Space Elevator, visit our web site (see my profile). Also look for our book entitled, “LiftPort: Opening Space to Everyone,” available from our website or in all major bookstores.

  9. Lightcycle says:

    THis is quite …
    THis is quite feasible.. although the hardest part is finding a material composite with the strength and tensility to hold up to the job to support itself.. weather, the elevators, and the “counterweight” stresses put on it. Second hardest part would be attaching both ends to each other.

  10. hempev says:

    Arthur C. Clarke …
    Arthur C. Clarke came up with the idea for geosynchronous orbit of communications satellites; his novel that discussed the space elevator was “Fountains of Paradise” – if I remember right, the ribbon was a diamond-like carbon composite. Best to read before any further critique.

  11. lorus123 says:

    this is the future …
    this is the future people , get ready

  12. DHMIII says:

    If you wish to …
    If you wish to corporatize space, then advance a technology that can be used competitively and the cost is endured by the companies trying to move their products. They will pay to be the first to have a McD’s space stop on your space tour.

  13. DHMIII says:

    Nice but not …
    Nice but not feasible… With increased air and space travel not to mention orbiting satellites, how convenient is it going to be to navigate all this traffic. Not to metion the limited mobile capacity, all launches would be limited to a few launch pads. It’s just not feasible to advance such an archaic type of technology..

  14. madman514 says:

    it could be a …
    it could be a garbage disposal

  15. damianpoirier says:

    Now there’s a …
    Now there’s a notion you don’t run across too often. : )

  16. jlumley says:

    they still have not …
    they still have not made so much as a footbridge out of nano tubes. If we have the technology to make the ribbon, space shuttles themselves would be x10 lighter.

  17. spectrex1 says:

    The space elevator …
    The space elevator is easily the most cost efficient way of getting payloads into space. And i’m sure they’d take all your other considerations into account when they build it.

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