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Russia & U.S. unite over nanotechnology

Russia and the U.S. have agreed to their first joint steps in nanotech co-operation. Some experts say nanotechnology is set to become one of the most important industries of the century.

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  1. ZB90 says:

    Who was the guy …
    Who was the guy that said something about Russia using Nanotechnology to build a Super Bomb? So dumb kid. Are you talking about the Russian Vacuum Bomb? If so than you should know that something like that had been the work of Chemical Engineers and Material Scientist to develop that mass amount of explosive.

    Why in the world would they need a Nano specialist to help build them that for stupid.

  2. thegrandemperor says:

    I never doubted the …
    I never doubted the strengh and integrity of the Russians fighting the Nazis, besides Normandy I consider the fight between the Nazis and Russian to be the most important part of WW2. I was just correcting the error you made. Look at the comment you sent me day ago, and you will find it.

  3. Hashgodzila says:

    yes America and the …
    yes America and the England had a war and Russia helped America that is a fact i did not say “we were fighting the british instead of nazi Germany “

  4. thegrandemperor says:

    Hashgodzila, 1 day …
    Hashgodzila, 1 day ago: “Russia and America are friends and have been from atleast ww2 who do you think helped America fight the British?”. Exactly your words, read please. I also said that Russia isn’t allied with America because they don’t like the U.S. anymore that’s why they teamed up with China and Venezeula (sp), only stupid and uneducated people wouldn’t know that.

  5. Hashgodzila says:

    I did not say we …
    I did not say we were fighting the british instead of nazi Germany read please. What i said was who helped American fight the British it was Russia.i did not say anything about Amricans i said you are a fat and stupid American .you are to lazy to read my comments or you just dont undestand English. Russia and America being friends is verry rrelevant only stupid and uneducated people would say that.

  6. thegrandemperor says:

    You said that we …
    You said that we were fighting the british instead of nazi Germany. Also the thing that offended me was the generlization that all americans are fat and lazy and stupid, two of which you called me. Russia and America being friends is now irrelevant. They’d rather team up with China and Venezuela. Nobody likes the U.S. anymore.

  7. Hashgodzila says:

    Again what was i …
    Again what was i wong about in WW2? Russian and America have been friends from atleast WW2 the man who originaly said that was William Cooper who was killed by the US goverment so he must of been doing something right. He is just 1 of manny clever people who say simular things others are Dr. Deagle and Jordan Maxwell. What ofended you i did not say anything harmfull towards Americans. I do care about bieng right dont you, ur trying to prove me wrong.

  8. thegrandemperor says:

    Just like when you …
    Just like when you were wrong about WW2?? I admit that I was wrong about the bomb. But that still dosen’t explain why hateful towards american people. You call me fat and lazy, but I haven’t talk about what you looked like at all. Unlike you I admit my mistakes. You only seem to care only about about being right, but some of what you said dosen’t even make sense. Whatever, I’m going to listen to the Russian national anthem now.

  9. Hashgodzila says:

    i was scared i was …
    i was scared i was wrong so i looked around

  10. Hashgodzila says:

    ok 1 more i know …
    ok 1 more i know who made the bomb ,and its made throgh nanotecnology if you do more research you will realise this. You speak English cant you read my last comment “made through nanotechnology” why i call you fat its because you read what you think is good and leave the rest out. so it just makes you wonder how manny things you are wrong about.

  11. thegrandemperor says:

    Actually …
    Actually Hashgodzila, The world’s biggest bomb was made by Russia. It does not use nanotecnology it uses a special fuel-air explosive mix. A further invasion of Afganistan will be irrelevant, American an E.U. troops already have free military reign over the country.

  12. Hashgodzila says:

    so you want to talk …
    so you want to talk like that ok ,the worlds biggest non nuclear bomb is made through nanotechnology just wonder what we can do if we work toghether and if Oboma is president Afghanistan is going to be invaded on a bigger scale those bombs would come in handy .

  13. thegrandemperor says:

    Hashgodzila, I …
    Hashgodzila, I wonder who is more at fault someone who hates America and everything about it by only showing it’s flaws (you), or someone who is actually paying attention to the video and applauds the peace and unity of nations (me and countless others)

  14. thegrandemperor says:

    I can read …
    I can read Hashgodzila, but you grammar and spelling are so horrible it gets hard sometimes. It’s funny how you try to turn the table on me like you didn’t say anything negative in the first place. You are also ignorant. How am i fat just because you can’t spell? Your WW2 history is also flawed. In WW2 American, Russian, British, and others fought together to fight NAZI GERMANY and JAPAN. Seems like someone needs to go back to the books. Looks like everything you say isn’t true, hmm….

  15. TheCommandPad says:

    he speaks english. …
    he speaks english. damnit. u dont ahve to translate. damn

  16. Hashgodzila says:

    thegrandemperorno …
    thegrandemperorno you must read you see that is why i call you fat and stupid American you dont read. its because of people like you that America is going to die out. everything i said is true and documented prove me wrong evrything you say is made up were is the racism from me please show Great American ur so smart u cant even find it. Russia and America are friends and have been from atleast ww2 who do you think helped America fight the British?

  17. 12valvepower1 says:

    wow. russia and usa …
    wow. russia and usa.. with bush being a jerk.
    i think russia will be a good ally. many dont think so.. i do.. if russia and usa can get along. we are both industrial giants.. russia and usa could really do alot

  18. vicbub71 says:

    wow so much rage. …
    wow so much rage. lighten up boy.

  19. thegrandemperor says:

    Actually …
    Actually Hashgodzila your “love” of America isn’t seen in your first comment seeing as how you view all Americans as “fat stupid Americans” and you say you love the U.S.A.? Wouldn’t that make you…a liar? Fema camps are ready for me? I guess that’s a shot at Katrina victims, it must be fun to laugh at others misfortunes huh. I think it will be nice that there will be no more borders, better to spread peace that isolate yourself and prepare for war *cough* russia *cough* china *cough*

  20. ZB90 says:

    Mmmm that thing …
    Mmmm that thing just smells so good. I want a piece of that cash-cow pie. It is time to move over to Moscow now, boys.

  21. MultipleEFP says:

    With …
    With nano-technology we can made moore efficient, accurate and deadly weapons and military systems…

    So it is cruccial for Russia to develop cutting-edge technology in it`s Rossnanotech corporation and have moore cooperation with variety of countries like China, India, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Europe…

    NOT only the United States !

    And Russia can allso develope it`s own independent industrial, IT, electronical, hi-tech…and other industries INDEPENDENT from the Western imperialists !

  22. MultipleEFP says:

    Typical for redneck …
    Typical for redneck nation !

    They CANNOT do it without foreighn experts and emmigrants from Russia !


  23. Hashgodzila says:

    to prove that …
    to prove that thegrandemperor is a stupid American who is calling people racist with no proof and is trying to use racism as a weapon . 90percent of my favourite videos are from Americans were is the logic in that? but ur clever you should find the logic looking fowrawd to hearing from you

  24. Hashgodzila says:

    yes yes i am dumb …
    yes yes i am dumb ur smart and you dont even know in 4 years the amero cunrenccy is coming to you and ur not Mexincan* but in 4 years there will be no borders so happy NASCO AND AMERO amigo. if you call some 1 racist atlest have quotes or proof. i love America you got a problem sue me .btw the Fema camps are readdy for you.

  25. thegrandemperor says:

    LOL, I’m not …
    LOL, I’m not mexican. I should have known that anti-american people would be racist too. Hashgodzila, your ignorance is beyond logic. I bet you’re one of those extremist guys who wants to fight the U.S. because you don’t like how we live. The sad thing is people of your nationality living in the states are probably calling you a dumbass right now!

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