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Richard Feynman Intro


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  1. ehswan says:

    He’s gone
    He’s gone

  2. sezginistanbul says:

    darbukayı çalan …
    darbukayı çalan muhtemelen richard feynman

  3. xiner says:

    Linus Torvalds, …
    Linus Torvalds, Steve Wozniak and Kathy Griffin, Lemmy of Motorhead, the Oasis brothers, Gene Wilder, Isaac Asimov, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Gates/Allen/Ballmer at Microsoft, Scott McNealy of Sun, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Lance Armstrong, George Soros, Warren Buffett–What do they have in common?

  4. xiner says:

    Blasphemy. He is …
    Blasphemy. He is God.

  5. goodsnservices says:

    OMG!!! Did she …
    OMG!!! Did she actually say, “…before anyone actually had seen an atom with a microscope” ? LOL.

  6. Philldapill85 says:

    Yeah! Whatever the …
    Yeah! Whatever the RavnoUK just said or meant or implied or tried to convey or whatever notion of something or nothing he just said.

  7. zrtto says:

    biri arkada darbuka …
    biri arkada darbuka caliyo

  8. damianpoirier says:

    “You’re an …
    “You’re an ignorant moron.”

    No, I think he’s afraid that it’s not happening quickly enough to save him or someone he loves from the long walk. Well that’s the way I feel at least.

  9. carlbatt says:

    The black and white …
    The black and white clip shown in this video is the earliest known video of Feynman. It is a series of lectures given at Cornell University in th 1960′s. There is no audio or video of Feynman ‘Plenty of Room…’ talk. The text that appears is a transcription of that talk

  10. hideyday says:

    the man is like a …
    the man is like a god!

  11. RavnoUK says:

    sure.. are you …
    sure.. are you scare of what could be done with it??… cristh is watching you? haahahaha.. look baby boy.. 2007 nobel prize.. in physics. ” spintronic ” go an check de description of the price.. you will se that since you post this.. havent passed 100 years.. idiot!

  12. TheSmoonge says:

    they were sitting …
    they were sitting on their butts. j/k; I’m not sure what they were sitting on.

  13. SuperDachshund says:

    And who better than …
    And who better than AD2080 can make such a trenchent assessment of R. Feynman?

    Gosh. Thanks for setting me straight.

  14. ponnu1984 says:

    hehehe…….ya…. …
    hehehe…….ya…..true….there are loads of arrogant earth holes like them! lol!

  15. Preimes says:

    You’re an ignorant …
    You’re an ignorant moron.

  16. jstarret says:

    That’s odd, …
    That’s odd, considering people are doing it now.

  17. pianofight says:

    chill dude. you’re …
    chill dude. you’re supposed to be a smart guy, not a typical youtuber who hides behind their keyboard posting comments that do nothing for anyone. actually, you did make me laugh, so thank you.

  18. ChrisJDean says:

    Nice video. There’s …
    Nice video. There’s also some videos over at the Vega Science Trust website of lectures given by feynman at the University of Auckland – I think this is some of the only footage of it’s kind if anyone’s interested

  19. AD2080 says:

    Nanotechnology is a …
    Nanotechnology is a steaming heap of vaporware, hype and false claims. Nothing will come out of it anytime soon.

  20. AD2080 says:

    Nanotech will not …
    Nanotech will not happen anytime within the next 100 years. Feynman was a liar and a quack.

  21. ManuelHung says:


  22. narablog says:


  23. slainwolf180 says:

    If they put spelled …
    If they put spelled out something with atoms, what were the atoms sitting on ?

  24. Halin2003 says:

    Video is very well …
    Video is very well done — thanks!

  25. greenhornet59 says:

    Brillant Man!
    Brillant Man!

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