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RFID Nanotechnology

For educational purposes

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  1. nokilt1 says:

    look up RFID dust

    look up RFID dust
    its inhalable
    have a nice day

  2. outled says:

    i dont exist right …
    i dont exist right now , life is a dream, why am i imagining this. beeeep

  3. hurchel says:

    i am not a product,
    i am not a product,

  4. 0fred00 says:

    f#ck the new world …
    f#ck the new world order

  5. infomaggot says:

    wach the …
    wach the product-that means you

  6. gingerlives says:


  7. cz3rt1k says:

    Brain chips? WTF!!! …
    Brain chips? WTF!!!!!!

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