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Respirocytes: An Artificial Red Blood Cell Replacement

Animation of a respirocyte (an artificial red blood cell) being injected into the bloodstream.

We created the animation for the PBS / Devillier Donegan production “Beyond Human.”
It has gone on to win the IMM Computational Nanotechnology Prize (Simulation), has appeared in lectures
by AI pioneer Ray Kurzweil and nanotechnology pioneers Robert Freitas, David Forrest and Ralph Merckle,
and was recently included in BBC2 Horizon’s nanotechnology programme “The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schoen.”


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  1. Myaucat says:

    no thanks!
    no thanks!

  2. ivancalmona says:

    yes, please

    yes, please
    myaucat you luddy…

  3. SailorBarsoom says:

    Well, it was a nice …
    Well, it was a nice animation, but it really tell us what was going on. It’s only because I’ve already read up on respirocytes that I had any idea what was going on.

  4. supinder says:

    does anyone know …
    does anyone know what Hendrik Schoen is doing now?

  5. DethMachineEngage says:

    hmm. howm much do …
    hmm. howm much do those cost? How much would it cost to have my whole body filled with those?

    We aren’t going to be buying any of those any time soon.

  6. jhexp1001 says:

    Homo sapiens turn …
    Homo sapiens turn into homo perfectus

  7. gohighproductions says:

    yay!!..medical …
    yay!!..medical science teaching wrap music producing entertainment!!.. Everything is feeding off each other and motion is a cycle we are all things !!..when our nature matures to the awareness of species cruzing instinct is able to comprehend why kindness is so important!!.. its you in a long time from now and a long time ago!!.. it taste like spaceship!!.. h t t p://one.revver dot com/watch/334372/flv/affiliate/98050 big ups dj the h t t p spaces and the dot !!.

  8. sandeepboddu says:

    ya ..its good but.. …
    ya ..its good but…i need a clear view on respirocytez function…

  9. Domzdream says:

    I the end we will …
    I the end we will actually all be equal, no one will be better than the next. But most impoartantly in the furure, we’ll beat hunger finally. By being able to reconstruct any given object, the moleculer structure to protein such as chicken, or what ever. That’s a good thing. IT’ll eliminate the soul driver of crime ie. competition for money for food.

  10. BoyintheMachine says:

    sandeepboddu: It’s …
    sandeepboddu: It’s quite simple. It’s an artificial red blood cell. That’s it. That’s all it does. It imports oxygen and exports CO2. The benefit would be that it would have a far longer life span than a normal red blood cell.

  11. iNick3 says:

    In J. Storrs Hall’s …
    In J. Storrs Hall’s book Nanofuture (a good read by the way) he also says that respirocytes could potentially store oxygen at 10,000 times atmospheric pressure. This would enable them to carry way more oxygen than a regular red blood cell. He said that by replacing 1/4th of our red blood cells with respirocytes we could store up to 3 pounds of oxygen inside us (for comparison, we generally use one pound of oxygen throughout the day at complete rest).

  12. iNick3 says:

    We can’t even make …
    We can’t even make them now. We probably will be able to around 2050-2060. That is a very rough estimate of course. By the time we can we may be able to have synthesizers, factories that piece things together at the nanoscale. If we can develop synthesizers, then respirocytes should be very cheap to m produce.

  13. BoyintheMachine says:

    That’s very …
    That’s very interesting. I’ll have to read that sometime.

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