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Ratchet & Clank Part 28-Premium Nanotech

Yep went to get me some Premiun Nanotech, yeehah! Ok so I was really blind and literatly walked off the side of the cliff and into the acidic sludge below. Well enjoy.

Copyright 2002 Insomniac Games
P.S. That Infobot is still a jerk :)

Duration : 0:10:16

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  1. NotOrdinaryInGames says:

    When playing the …
    When playing the game for the first time I thought that I will not make it(only four lives!). But when I found this extra nanotech machine I was as happy as a pig!

  2. ToddsAnimations says:

    Ooo that’s unlucky …
    Ooo that’s unlucky at 5:25…. so close!

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