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Placing a carbon nanotube on a microfinger

The nanotube changes its electrical resistance when stretched – so it can sense strain. Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen here put a 80 nm nanotube down on the back of a microfinger, using a multifingered probe. After that he put electrodes on – this makes it a microfinger with a sense of touch.
You can see how the nanotube gets into focus, and is then “wiped off” on the surface – but sticks to the tool. Nanostructures are sticky, arent they?

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  1. nurbsenvi says:

    I can’t believe …
    I can’t believe what looks like placing a hair on chop stick off comb is crucial step towards the future of our society…

  2. Max11551 says:

    Because you lack …
    Because you lack the imagination and ingenuity required to envision it?

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