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Nike Nanotechnology (Paradox Project) Stop Motion

Project for College course, it is a look at how a viral may look for a big corporation in the future. I choose Nike, because they are a great example of a company who are progressive and may do this in say..50 years. It is a stop motion animation idea of a guy in the future who works via his quantum PC all over the world. Automatic nike clothing makes his day easier.I hope Nike approve it is all positive light-hearted fun.

Duration : 0:1:48

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  1. eldadmi says:

    yeahhh!!! I want …
    yeahhh!!! I want a quantum p.c!!

  2. argonlightray says:

    great…i have to …
    great…i have to sleep on a futon in an attic and have my boss yell at me first thing in the morning. the future is going to be sweet!

  3. SailorBarsoom says:

    Nanotech will bring …
    Nanotech will bring the henshin of magic girl anime to us all!
    Utility Fog Power… MAKE UP!

  4. lonelyboy03 says:

    Maybe then life …
    Maybe then life will finally be like the Jetsons.

  5. wingery says:

    I don’t think the …
    I don’t think the future will be like that. The original idea of Nanotech was machines smaller then atoms, but that was proven impossible. So SciFi writers just made Nanotech larger about the size of a cell. But we arn’t anywhere close to getting anything like that. Maybe in a thousand years we’ll have the technology, if its even possible to get such small machinery to work.

    I’m probably over thinking the video. Its still really cool. (5 stars!)

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