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New Carbon Composite of Nanotubes and Graphene

FUJITSU LABORATORIES New Carbon Composite of Nanotubes and Graphene Related Links :
- http://jp.fujitsu.com/group/labs/
- http://pr.fujitsu.com/jp/news/2008/03/3.html
- http://www.fujitsu.com/global/news/pr/archives/month/2008/20080303-01.html
- http://www.nanotechexpo.jp/index.html (nano tech 2009)
Duration : 0:2:30

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  1. revengerste says:


  2. JimHarm says:

    Carbonara tubes !!! …
    Carbonara tubes !!! WOOHOO lol

  3. hentaitensai says:

    Love the videos in …
    Love the videos in HD.

  4. DjDedan says:

    it seems its for …
    it seems its for chips… probably means smaller chips and/or less power but thats just a guess…

  5. jtoznel says:

    wiring? mabye for …
    wiring? mabye for power? i have no clue..

  6. linux750 says:


    …so what …

    …so what can this be actually used for?

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