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Nanotube Radio Device Plays Tunes

Researchers are closer to a true nano-sized mp3 player with their construction of a carbon nanotube radio wave detector. Jorge Ribas listens in.

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  1. projectautoman says:

    I just realized why …
    I just realized why I love this video so much. It represents how much graduate students are appreciated. Graduate student Chris Rutherglen gets a few words in the beginning and later in the video he’s holding up a metal plate and pointing at the setup and some academic research professor (we can only ume) is speaking over him.

  2. projectautoman says:

    Above it should …
    Above it should have read, “some former academic research professor.” Left one word out.

  3. 1888junkteam says:

    i think the …
    i think the graduate student was trying to say he bets he could fit about 15 dish pans in between those two wire receiver things

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