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Nanotube caught on video 2


A team of scientists, including researchers at Cambridge University, have successfully produced live video footage that shows how carbon nanotubes, more than 10,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair, form. The video sequences show nanofibres and nanotubes nucleating around miniscule particles of nickel and are already offering greater insight into how these microscopic structures self- emble. http://www.neoteo.com/

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  1. undoll says:

    This is awesome. …
    This is awesome. Is it synchronous TEM?

  2. franck511 says:

    Is it a catalyst?
    Is it a catalyst?

  3. misfit7707 says:


  4. ambras1970 says:

    what is it???
    what is it???

  5. roidroid says:

    this is cool, but …
    this is cool, but hard to see. It’d be great if they’d put an CG overlay over the footage that can show us clearly what is happening atom by atom. I’d love to see that.

  6. johnnyb831 says:

    I would love to get …
    I would love to get into this field. I would love to understand exactly what I am seeing here lol.

  7. NanoClips says:

    it looks like a …
    it looks like a video recorded by Haldor Topsøe researchers some years ago, where the filmed the birth of a nanotube (a rather defect-ridden one at that), using a HR-TEM, high resolution transmission electron microscope. The crazy thing is that these instruments normally require a very good vacuum – the HR TEM is “environmental”, i.e. you can literally film chemical processes as it allows for a certain amount of gases and high temperatures… theres a lot to learn from such an instrument…

  8. koriko88 says:

    That’s pretty cool. …
    That’s pretty cool. What is the scale – is the whole view only 5 NM? If so, 1 NM = 10 angstrom. Thus, you can technically see atoms here.

  9. ba3cool says:

    no dumb the size …
    no dumb the size of the line indicated is 5nm

  10. stellartech says:

    Aside from this …
    Aside from this video, one CAN optically see atoms… I did, at Hitachi Central Labs in Tokyo. They used a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope to record a photopolymer Hologram record of ferrite. They then used a Holographic optical processor to expand the image at the much greater frequency of red light. The image I saw was a photo print 24″ across. Atoms indeed, look like tinker toys!!… only the curves are smoother.

  11. stellartech says:

    I meant, the much …
    I meant, the much lower frequency of red light, which alone acted to expand the Holographic image… the optical processor section was a Fourier filter, which increased the clarity via a convolutional cross product.

  12. sulugbek says:

    I guess it was …
    I guess it was recorded in ETEM, Environmental TEM. Coz in conventional TEM one cant see how CNT is growing.

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