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Nanotechnology – What is it?

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Science News segment explaining what nanotechnology is

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  1. Leeate says:

    Gnosis85 has the …
    Gnosis85 has the point :)

  2. reticentme says:

    those kids ARE …
    those kids ARE smarter than me

  3. xBrandonMorovatix says:

    *says in weird …
    *says in weird rythm* news you can use!

  4. Gnosis85 says:

    The kids in this …
    The kids in this movie are far smarter than all of you losers making these childish comments.

  5. awebber20 says:

    wow that kid freaks …
    wow that kid freaks me out

  6. SFLegacy says:

    HAHAHA nice
    HAHAHA nice

  7. MiADeadeye says:

    lol, are those …
    lol, are those retards ment to be funny

  8. Josh3455 says:

    That kid has been …
    That kid has been inappropriately touched by his Uncle.

  9. KokSquad says:


  10. argonlightray says:

    wow. that’s silly
    wow. that’s silly

  11. jmms93 says:

    I wanna die…
    I wanna die…

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