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Nanotechnology Town Hall Meeting Featuring Chad Mirkin

Nanotechnology has been heralded as having the potential to lead to the next industrial revolution. But, what is nanotechnology? What are the possible applications and how might it impact our world?

Learn more about this exciting new arena from some of the leaders in the field at the public Nanotechnology Town Hall Meetings. These are the first in a series of Town Hall meetings that will include an informative lecture by world-renown scientists and engineers followed by your questions. The goal of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for the community to learn the fundamentals about nanotechnology and to explore the larger questions about the smallest technology.

Duration : 1:46:15

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  1. biochemist8 says:

    If there’s a way to …
    If there’s a way to get that buzzing sound out and increase Prof. Mirkin’s mic then it would be perfect.

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