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Nanotechnology Smart Surface Treatments

This cork was treated with one of our Nanotechnolgy Smart Surface Treatments. There are millions of tiny structures attached to each molecule of the cork grown from self- embling nano-particles. Nanotechnology Smart Surface Treatments work by way of science not polymers.

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  1. JilutheFang says:

    Okaay,, what is …
    Okaay,, what is that?

  2. nanotec1usa says:

    That is a piece of …
    That is a piece of cork treated with our Self- embling Nanotechnology Smart Surface Treatment engineered for wood. The water drops are rolling around on the Nano-structures, never touching the actual cork material. Please call my office for additional technical information about our products, I am not able to post an e-mail address here.


    John W. Moore
    Founder/President, Nanotec-USA
    (866) 626-6187

  3. JilutheFang says:

    Oh! nanobots cool^^ …
    Oh! nanobots cool^^
    Do you know where you cann buy an nanobot? Or an nano Programm?

  4. MaximChicago says:

    sponge bob square …
    sponge bob square pants :)

  5. nanotec1usa says:

    The question was …
    The question was asked “what purpose does treating cork serve?” Good question, cork by nature is a rough surface which absorbs moisture. We used our water based wood treatment “safe for the environment” to show the Bionic function of a treated surface.
    This is the closest we could come to demonstrate natures natural self-cleaning function. Preserved wood saves natural resources. Patrick Moore, I hope this answered your question.

    John W. Moore
    President, Nanotec-USA

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