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Nanotechnology – Sequencing DNA

With the advent of nanotechnology, many fields are beginning to make large advances. By being able to sequence a human genome efficiently and at a low cost, diagnosing disease (even before its onset) and being able to efficiently treat it will force medicine to become a proactive field. This video demonstrates some of the current technologies employing nanoscience as a means by which sequencing a genome can occur in a most efficient way. Archon X Prize stipulates a prize for the first team to be able 100 human genomes, in 10 days, for less than $10,000 per genome.

This is a video I made for a nanotechnology class back in the spring semester of 2007. I’ve noticed that that recently, more news is being reported about the technology known as nanosequencing, especially nanopores, so I thought I’d put this out there for anyone who might want to know about it a little more. This is the first video I’ve posted that wasn’t recorded on my phone. I used iMovie and CC photos (for the most part) so please don’t expect a michael bay/steven spielberg production.

Jeremy G

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