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Nanotechnology Part 5/5


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  1. nbm34 says:

    The frigtening …
    The frigtening thing about creating artificial enviroments is that we could turn a blank room into a 3D IMAGE of anything you could imagine.
    We can live out of nature yet create natural images that stimulate our primitive instincs, though in a safe enviroment. I am afraid serious science is diverted to military and private interests. When science becomes a real social programme. Maybe then we may see a better world.

  2. tarohoa says:

    ahaha yeah funny …
    ahaha yeah funny how no one is interested in science, when its so important and they rely on it everyday, however there aren’t enough money n career prospects for people to well… urge kids to become a scientist

  3. CodeZeroBME says:

    They’ll be …
    They’ll be interested when they are able to create their own “porn bot” out of the desk they are sitting at… sadly

    I’m suprised that they didn’t bring up the whole Star Trek “replicator” technology that nanotech would eventually allow..

  4. nbm34 says:

    The most important …
    The most important science is being discussed
    and only 19 people have watched this besides me.
    This is a tragedy peole do not seem to be intersestd in science.

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