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Nanotechnology in Chemtrails

More disturbing info on Chemtrails, the ones that our govt. says don’t exist.


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  1. LaPieinsky says:

    We have to DEMAND …
    We have to DEMAND the truth and the stopping of these sprayings. Let’s also try to keep solid accurate data, eg. does the spraying happen more in summer for the Northern hemisphere? Vice-versa for the Southern? Or is it constant throughout the year? Where are the most affected areas? Any sign we noticed on people? People don’t hang around too much outside in winter in Northern hemisphere, it’s more car,work, home, supermarket, right? Inside buildings these chemicals can’t access too much, right?

  2. Enki1968 says:

    hi there, thanks …
    hi there, thanks for the links!
    9693eel : I use coloidal silver (you have to get NANO silver !!!!! most coloidal silver is not NANO)

    tell it people for years now

    They work already with the chips in your mobile phone to blast low frequencies and attack the pineapple gland but an implanted chip is the ultimate goal, merging with your neurons.\
    peace to you all !

  3. tadsie1 says:

    I do not wish to …
    I do not wish to dishearten anyone but I feel very skeptical of Doctors and would not go near one if my life depended on it You will not find one who will take you seriously. See my posting The Hathapradipika has all the answers and if you can GET THE KEVIN KINGSLAND TRANSLATION SO MUCH THE BETTER. I can’t say for sure but in my experience the Satyananda Yoga Association tend to be good on cleansing and diet. I have only recently realised how valuable Hatha Yoga is and I have been at it 40 years

  4. tadsie1 says:

    As a Tantric Monk …
    As a Tantric Monk of 40 years standing I would first like to say I agree with everything stated in this video and have started to go through the articles. I would like to commend to you a book on Yoga called The Hathapradipika or find a Genuine Hathayoga teacher who is based in these teachings. I am very serious. I have morgellons and am treating it controlling it this way. This book contains details of six cleansing rituals and diets that will support the findings of these articles listed above

  5. nwosigns says:

    Thanks Jonah, I …
    Thanks Jonah, I concluded the same thing, a Dr. would be advised. I am always hopeful that everyone will wake up in time. That’s why we have to keep telling people, no matter what they tell us.

  6. nwosigns says:

    Thanks, I thought …
    Thanks, I thought Colloidal silver was for morgellons.

  7. 9693eel says:

    Colloidial Silver …
    Colloidial Silver Will dexotify u

  8. jonah70757 says:

    I read the first …
    I read the first link…and i hate to say it the treatment is such that It appears a Dr or specialist would be a good idea. If this is a real threat we are screwed aren’t we? After all most of the population will remain untreated and controllable as you assert they will be when the antennae are operational

  9. Conspirama says:

    Nanotechnology in Chemtrails | Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS)…

    More disturbing info on Chemtrails, the ones that our govt. says don’t exist. Article: WHISTLEBLOWER CONTACTS IAHF WITH INSIDE INFO ON CHEMTRAILS: HOW TO….

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