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Nanotechnology for Alternative Energy Sources

An introduction to the study of alternative energy sources. Researches use ground-breaking atomic imaging techniques to view hydrogen atoms moving on a specialized surface.

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  1. johnfrangiamore says:

    1981 is recent lol.
    1981 is recent lol.

  2. johnfrangiamore says:

    Ok what do you …
    Ok what do you think about separating hydrogen gas from water.

  3. dannijwl says:

    thank you for your …
    thank you for your very constructive criticism. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) was invented as recently as 1981 and is quickly becoming a powerful tool in the field of surface science and nanotechnology. Scientist are only now discovering all the potential uses for breakthrough research. Anyone who thinks otherwise just hasn’t been paying attention.

  4. johnfrangiamore says:

    utter shit, old …
    utter shit, old technology.

  5. vanknett4 says:

    Erin–After …
    Erin–After watching this twice, I kind of get it. It is a fascinating study. Paul, Will, and I were amazed at the incredibly detailed images of the copper paladium surface (is that right?). What important work you are doing. Thanks so much for keeping us informed of your research.

  6. Kasswax says:

    Very informative!
    Very informative!

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