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Nanotechnology breakthrough- Invention of Paper battery

Imagine if a piece of paper powered your cell phone or cd player. That’s the latest piece of amazing technology that researhcers at RPI, New York have come up with. The new battery, that looks like a piece of paper could one day provide a lightweight power source for electronics and other devices. The prototype square battery would be printed like a newspaper.

Dr. Shaijumon Manikoth, a reserach associate and nanotechnologist at RPI says it is still a work in progress. “We were just working on it, how to come up with an integrated device which itself is a battery and which can be rolled up and twisted and inserted in any kind of devices,” said Dr. Manikoth.

The research was funded by the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research and the National Science Foundation.

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  1. riciard55 says:

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  2. riciard55 says:

    truly amazing

    truly amazing
    theory problem with mind it can only look at one aspect at a time so we are creating the interpretation of what is known by subjective experiment in other words we cannot see totality at any one time its only because you are thinking it at that moment in time.its like having a circle of limitation or parameters.and you cannot see outside that circle due to limits of subjectivity experience.and just maybe you cannot come up with an experiment to know it.create experiment to know.

  3. peter1114222 says:

    I heard nothing …
    I heard nothing about how it works, just another case of the media dumbing everything down for drooling masses. Tv news sucks

  4. freemind89 says:

    looks promising
    looks promising

  5. martinautours says:

    I’m not wrong, the …
    I’m not wrong, the news story is a piece of shit. Maybe the story is correct, maybe this is going to revolutionize power systems technology. It is simply impossible to say from this story. If there are technical specifications about this product, please post the URL.

  6. proverb311031 says:

    They talked of …
    They talked of plasitc batteries yers ago, but they have not come on line yet, they will have to deal with something like a cellphones case as the battery, which would greatly reduce the size but heat is the major problem!

  7. proverb311031 says:

    Your Wrong, you …
    Your Wrong, you lack any sight!

  8. mage1028 says:

    They sort of did… …
    They sort of did… they mentioned cell phones and other devices. Not very specific, I agree, but it gives an idea. I think the implied power density is roughly the equivalent to those other battery types. But I could be wrong.

  9. iam600yearsold says:

    how do you think …
    how do you think they pulled off 911, the they want us to watch and this with a paper battery. Teh ters would lov it! <3

  10. martinautours says:

    that was completely …
    that was completely useless as a form of news. there was no news. just some guy rolling a black piece of plastic around claiming it was a battery. How much power can be stored? Whats the expected life? What temperatures and other environmental conditions are required for it to operate? Local news is just pure shit.

  11. Bendmac525 says:

    Not really. This …
    Not really. This is one of those things that made news, but it has to keep doing something to keep making news. The unpleasant things, like wars, are developing more, so we see more of them. These people haven’t really made anything that has been released yet, but if it’s actually marketed, you bet it’ll make news.

  12. Bendmac525 says:

    We get that he has …
    We get that he has an accent. Deal with it.

  13. rockee06 says:

    I never knew Apu …
    I never knew Apu from the Simpson’s made batteries

  14. Joffex says:

    The reason stories …
    The reason stories like this and other important issues arent known or shared about on mass media is because the government wants weak minded people to be occupied with dumb t.v. shows and other stupid crap, to keep their minds off of the real issues

  15. SlavaVB says:

    do a google search …
    do a google search on potato or lemon powered clocks. the size of the battery means nothing if they dont specify the power density

  16. drjones444 says:

    ??????????????????? …

  17. drjones444 says:

    i know.people are …
    i know.people are wondering when movies are coming out when other people are making nono tech super soldiers and other stuff

  18. abominae says:

    This is a great …
    This is a great achievement, I can’t imagine how the f**k do news like this have 50 seconds and celebrities get all of the attention.

  19. skidah says:

    I want to vax it, …
    I want to vax it, yeah! Yeah, Vax that shit! Take it to the car wash baby! LOL

  20. d1ez3 says:

    did anyone else get …
    did anyone else get reminded of van wilder

  21. venkat483 says:

    so nice
    so nice

  22. commiedeer says:

    Yeah, you probably …
    Yeah, you probably could. However, this nanobattery could be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

  23. SlavaVB says:

    without an answer …
    without an answer to your question, this video means nothing… because I can just take a thin slice of potato and power a watch with it.

  24. HollowMoonStudios says:

    That’s a good …
    That’s a good question.

  25. hekma says:

    how much power do …
    how much power do these hold ?

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