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Nanotechnology and “The End of Medicine” – Andy Kessler

Complete program at: http://fora.tv/fora/showthread.php?t=273

Former Wall Street analyst Andy Kessler talks about the future of medical nanotechnology and its possible effects on the economics of the medical industry.


Former Wall Street analyst, Andy Kessler, follows the money into the frontiers of medicine and discovers that people may never have heart attacks again in his book, “The End of Medicine.”

Duration : 0:4:36

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  1. alanejackson says:

    Magnetosynthesis …
    Magnetosynthesis Something you didn’t know you were doing!

    Magnetrition An organelle living inside your body that migrates magnetically

    Research indicates magnetic bacteria and the mitochondria have the same properties. The average person dies around age 70 due to insufficient turning during sleep

    Astronauts, when they leave the Earth’s magnetic field, must take with them a copy of the Earth’s magnetic field, and insure their periodic movement within that field to prevent osteoporosis

  2. akaCharlieG says:

    haha agreed
    haha agreed

  3. ogskeetdizzle says:


  4. njchad says:

    hhahahahahahahahahahah oh my god classic. 2012 is overrated d

  5. Zeptumn says:

    well my name is z …
    well my name is z and iv seen your youtube page with lot’s of dancing marijuana leaves on it. What the are you talking about dude.

  6. gd4uwj says:

    Ha, ha. This guy is …
    Ha, ha. This guy is a funny IDIOT. Everything he says is basically wrong. Amazing.

  7. djokerkean says:

    my name is d and iv …
    my name is d and iv seen the future when the sky is silvere in 2012-2013 i will be wating for the resistance down the wooded path

  8. terrafirmaterrafirma says:

    Sad that someone as …
    Sad that someone as stupid as this fellow is attempting to explain such an important development.

  9. morshan says:

    Andy, as always, is …
    Andy, as always, is giving us the Wall Street and Engineering view of issues. His insight has been right on for many years and I am sure he is describing the next big thing, bio nano.

  10. roidroid says:

    here’s 10 bucks buy …
    here’s 10 bucks buy me some words

  11. tipsypyro says:

    would it make you …
    would it make you feel better if he used a bunch of 2 dollar words to impress you and then you could’nt understand?

  12. most3vilone says:

    yeah he sounded …
    yeah he sounded like a f_cking retard when he said that. then he wised it up nearer the end.

  13. SailorBarsoom says:

    That’s why we need …
    That’s why we need nanomedecine now: to deal with all those goobagoblins.

  14. SailorBarsoom says:

    Well, we WILL have …
    Well, we WILL have nanobots swimming around inside us, but we’ll have other stuff first. Just like those brick-sized cell phones, for all their expense, couldn’t take a picture (much less a video) or check e-mail. Now they do all that and more.

  15. roidroid says:

    i think it was when …
    i think it was when he said “Goobergoblins, whatever the heck that stuff that’s in your blood”, it stuck me as pandering to an anti-intellectual audience. I guess we all have to do it sometimes to hold the audiences’ attention *sigh*.

  16. fekman77 says:

    roidy, i think you …
    roidy, i think you are mistaking stupidity for ‘enthusiasm’. he is indeed an engineer, business man, author, analyst, and apparent futurist.

    ps.. i was saying nanotech was going to be the next revolution about 8 years ago – should have written a book. bum!

  17. 1Cheryl says:

    great comments
    great comments

  18. roidroid says:

    He said he was an …
    He said he was an engineer?
    This guy seems too stupid to be an engineer. Or maybe he’s just pretending to be stupid, to endear his audience.

  19. babylonsfalling says:


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