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Nanotech- The Zoom

Music Video for a Nanotech Presentation. Bunch of PIcs taken by Nasa zooming in gradually, put into video format by me. It’s decent.

Duration : 0:1:51

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  1. fatmakocoglu says:

    this is great how …
    this is great how can ı download it? please this is so necessary!

  2. RicHarDware says:

    search on google. …
    search on google. there are many ways to do that. i dont know if this is legal. if you need to put it on a website, just copy the link ’embed’.

  3. wthomasoh says:

    This is a really …
    This is a really bad copy of the Charles and Ray Eames film “Powers of 10” – check out the original.

  4. purplesky91 says:

    hey hey hey…never …
    hey hey hey…never seen that film. and wouldn’t bother copying something that’s better. bunch of nasa pics put together with music half an hour before we had to submit a darned presentation. so don’t let’s start blaming people for plagiarising something they didn’t know existed. my apologies in any case.

  5. AD2080 says:

    This will not …
    This will not happen anytime within the next 100 years. Sorry.

  6. threebobs says:

    Great visuals. …
    Great visuals. Terrible music. Really poor choice.

  7. johnnyb831 says:

    there isn’t a tool …
    there isn’t a tool called vixy you want. and you are not allowed to download videos from youtube, so don’t even try it :-p

  8. PolliFaxToaster says:

    i agree – this is …
    i agree – this is the music that future generations will make fun of us over

  9. Myujin says:

    no one knows about …
    no one knows about that yet

  10. ArseBottom says:

    haha my eyes have …
    haha my eyes have gone funny!! hehe

  11. dt28469 says:

    it would be sooo …
    it would be sooo cool if we had telescopes that can do that

  12. BlindObserverOverAll says:

    What won’t? We …
    What won’t? We already image at all these levels, and smaller. Also, you must not do much research, or you’d know that the nanotech industry is making strides every day…so i’m not exactly sure what you mean by “this”, but it seems like you don’t know either…

  13. stigandr says:

    that’s very old …
    that’s very old fashioned talk you know…

  14. nazaxprime says:

    poweroften.whatever …
    poweroften.whatever, this is badness, but a ty song…what ever though/

  15. axxon90 says:


  16. yeneuro says:

    O.O that was …
    O.O that was freaken awesome

  17. yeneuro says:

    O.O that was …
    O.O that was freaken awesome

  18. eversincealways says:

    hurts my ears
    hurts my ears

  19. JanisChambers says:

    Really puts things …
    Really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

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