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Nanotech Risks

Andrew Maynard, chief science advisor for the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, talks to Jorge Ribas about the technology’s risks. … nanotech nanotechnolgy Andrew Maynard Project on

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  1. aaronz101 says:

    Shut the up, …
    Shut the up, licker.

  2. aHeavenscent says:

    didnt think of it. …
    didnt think of it. makes sense tome

  3. Charden1 says:

    An EMP (electro …
    An EMP (electro magnetic pulse) could solve that problem couldn’t it??? Just shut them down by frying their circuitry?

  4. aHeavenscent says:

    nano weapons is …
    nano weapons is borderline chemical warfare. like a disease that couldnt be cured cuz its a lil nano bot

  5. MSvideoman says:

    Is that the book …
    Is that the book that shows the possibility of nano weapons?

  6. MSvideoman says:

    Yes we do!
    Yes we do!

  7. ohnzee says:


  8. killer2611 says:

    30TH POST! nano …
    30TH POST! nano tech FTW!

  9. Santiagosony says:

    i love tech, but we …
    i love tech, but we have to be careful!

  10. MolotovSolution117 says:

    I loved that book!
    I loved that book!

  11. mmmSS1282 says:

    need more videos ( …
    need more videos (information) about nanotech … good job…

  12. ZonifiedPLUS says:

    Read the book Prey …
    Read the book Prey by Michael Crichton.

  13. Assasin2041 says:

    That episode of …
    That episode of justice league.
    MGS4/mgs etc etc
    The day teh earth stood still.

    What about grey goo?

  14. ubuibiok says:


  15. tallyhoroad says:


  16. Kratax says:

    Yeah, or asbestos.
    Yeah, or asbestos.

  17. JeffreyRodriguez says:

    Nanotech itself can …
    Nanotech itself can have inherent dangers. It’s the unintended consequences that are dangerous.

    The video actually covered the broad range of concerns pretty well.

  18. impalabeeper says:

    u never know. it …
    u never know. it might be dangerous.

  19. impalabeeper says:

    u never know. it …
    u never know. it might be dangerous.

  20. denseje says:

    (=’.’=) This …

    (=’.’=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny
    (“)_(“) into every video on youtube to help him gain world domination.

  21. PinkProgram says:

    Nanotechnology is …
    Nanotechnology is only as dangerous as humans want it to be like fire or electricity. Fearmongering is not helpful.

  22. tiapon says:

    i think nano …
    i think nano technology is our future.

    of course it cud be misused by crazy people but as an optimist, i think its the future

  23. teemuruskeepaa says:

    People can use …
    People can use publicity wrong by twisting and spinning things that people have heard other people say, behind anonymity. That’s why authoritarian leaders and anyone with power intentionally represses all dialogue except what they choose, control and distribute.

  24. Jordan123x says:

    you’re stupid
    you’re stupid

  25. MassZombicide says:

    Why do you want to …
    Why do you want to down rate the video? Do you feel not all of nanotechnology’s potential hazards were covered? Or perhaps you’ve a bias for nanotechnology and you fear talk of this sort threatens to hinder it. Well, not to worry, he’s just saying that these things may become an issue, not that they are, and he’s far from saying that it needs to be stopped, nothing wrong with trying to make sure nothing goes wrong with the technology

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