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nanotech batteries

New battery technologies from MIT.

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  1. magnoliasltd says:

    very good video
    very good video

  2. sexualchocolate06 says:

    This is the very …
    This is the very reason i don’t understand why the whole world is so concerned about conserving our resources…new technology like this will always combat any shortages we might face in the future…well done..

  3. ELuhn says:

    A battery-powered …
    A battery-powered motorcycle doing 0 to 60 in less than a second and a half. Ho, lee, CRAP.

  4. pastorofpain says:

    They have no idea …
    They have no idea who they work for

  5. iggy4323 says:

    Technology can only …
    Technology can only go so far to support our use of resources and can only advance at a certain pace. This is not to mention that over use of world resources is extremely destructive to the environment.

    Sustainability of living is extremely important to the long term health of our planet.

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