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Nanomotors emble Quantum Dots into Glowing Rings

A new nano technique could make chameleon-like camouflage possible, say researchers at Sandia National Laboratory. In this video, you can watch a serious of nanomotors (really, a set of proteins) emble a set of glowing quantum dots into visible rings. The process is reversible, raising the possibility of fast-color changes produced at the nanoscale.

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  1. TripleEBoss says:

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  2. ELuhn says:

    1. Quantum dots …
    1. Quantum dots are extremely small semiconductors; so small that they have properties which can be useful in making quantum computers. “Quantum” is a bit misleading here, because nanotech is engineering on the molecular level, not the quantum level. This clip shows one way in which molecules can be manipulated and embled mechanically, rather than by gross chemical processes…

  3. ELuhn says:

    3. On the somewhat …
    3. On the somewhat further horizon: Not custom-made atoms, but custom-made molecules. A complete revolution in chemical engineering, producing any substance efficiently and without pollution. Virus-sized robots that can repair damaged/aged tissue and even individual cells. Complete control over matter. Immortality.

  4. ELuhn says:

    2. This, and other …
    2. This, and other self-assembly techniques, might lead not to buildings on the quantum level, but to buildings made of concrete that can repair its own cracks. Also on the near horizon: Gold nanospheres that selectively seek out and destroy cancer cells, carbon nanotubes vastly stronger than steel, superconductors, high-capacity batteries, practical fusion power, and of course quantum computers…

  5. FAX420 says:

    OK. I’m not really …
    OK. I’m not really up to speed with the whole nanotech scene. What are some practical applications for this? Building large structures on the quantum level? Will this allow us to custom make atoms? Quantum surgery? What is a quantum dot? I read the info pane but it talks about camouflage. All this for camouflage? When sold to the military it’s development will probably be kept secret for 40 plus years and the potential benefits may never see the light of day.

  6. sirachman says:

    Every new thing is …
    Every new thing is viewed as the potential end of the world, yet as each new thing is used to better society people quickly stop complaining. Anything can destroy all of humanity in the wrong hands, even small pieces of gravel…

  7. sirachman says:

    Its more biology …
    Its more biology and physics than ‘programming’

  8. n3rdbear says:

    What baffles me …
    What baffles me about nanotech is how the they program those little things and how they’re made. It must be really hard to do. 😐

  9. KzrrainzYes says:


  10. PUMAZ1 says:

    wtf is a quantum …
    wtf is a quantum dot.

  11. xyzdragonhero980 says:

    / \
    This …

    / \
    This is Bob.
    Copy and paste bob and he will soon take over youtube

  12. duhCider says:

    Does this mean the …
    Does this mean the Cincinnati Bengals get new helmets? Then I’m all for it.

  13. asilayloathing says:

    the future’s here
    the future’s here

  14. at0mac says:


  15. 1walicki says:

    2 Words .. Moral …
    2 Words .. Moral Responsibility

  16. ojmardueno says:

    “A socially …
    “A socially responsible corporation is not an impossibility”

    I agree, but the probability that one actually exists is very low.

    money corrupts. greed has become epidemic.

    people will do anything for money, so if its new technology, it will definitely be used to grow the bank accounts of the rich before we ever see it used in anything else, thus it will definitely fall into the wrong hands.

  17. spence111 says:

    A socially …
    A socially responsible corporation is not an impossibility, with the right incentives/regulations. I just hope it is used for… well really anything other than military applications.

    The applications with positive results are endless in things such as medicine, materials, energy, ect. This technology will never be fully realized without the tenacity of the corporate world, IMO.

  18. ojmardueno says:

    “Just gotta make …
    “Just gotta make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands…”

    you mean like corporations?

    too late.

  19. spence111 says:

    The beginning of a …
    The beginning of a technological revolution the likes of which we can only start to imagine. Just gotta make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands…

  20. KoalaMeatPie says:

    The begining of …
    The begining of something grand?

  21. MrSpockPwns says:

    Looks scientists …
    Looks scientists finally invented the first artificial ringworm.

  22. whispers83 says:


  23. HEsmashTree says:

    first after the …
    first after the first

  24. fucksatanism says:


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